作詞: Joelle



Daylight 歌詞

Tears streaming down your sorrow face
Came a long and painful road, you gave yourself away
You saw everything, heaven to hell
You say you need a self redemption, to mend the broken wings

Drowning in the dark, no place to be
But I am by your side
You’re not alone

Daylight, shed a light so you won’t disappear
Cause I know where you belong, save your saddened heart
With a flashback, screaming out but still we’re holding on
Waiting for the break of dawn for a new day to begin

Left out to dry, slip through the hands
Is there a reason anymore to keep me hanging on

Memories of the past running so fast, can’t look back on yesterday
Cause I don’t trust in my power
It haunts my weary soul, I’m lonely

Crawling in the dark, no where to go
Will you be by my side

Daylight are you there?
I knew you once before
But the devil in my head has taken over me
Oh I need your warm embrace to melt my weeping heart
Craving for tomorrow
For a painless day to come

Maybe nothing matters
Still I’m searching for the daylight
Tell me, nothing matters?
I’m waiting for salvation

Now I see it shine, blindness is gone
Rising from the ground
I am alive

Daylight in my eyes, I knew it all along
Fire burning in my soul, to make a better world
I’ve got everything I need with you there by my side
Waiting for the break of dawn, for a new day to begin

Fire burning in my soul
Daylight, daylight
Stay a little while longer

MindaRyn 「Daylight」のMV/PV








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