He said, "If you wanna think about a new world
Maybe you need power" the echo whispers
We cannot breathe inside the energy that starts to burn
Today, I just keep feeling lost

The same people will be hungry and keep on dying
Emission us a lie and a clue glistening through
I see see see see! See, we'll see it through
It’s time to move, yeah!

I wanna cheer and believe what you’re going to do!
Don't wanna repeat this tragedy
Tell me once this, can you feel the amount of heat?
I've got to believe in this sound!

He said, "I want to achieve it, I want to achieve it
I want to achieve it to lead the way!"
Oh please, can you feel the amount of heat?
I want you to know all the fiery feelings!

All the light found there
You can find a brand new way

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