Mortal With You 歌詞

Does it get easier with time for the immortal?
If I was born normal
If I become normal, can I stay close?

With the children, we link our arms
Make a circle and sing a song
Knowing there was no chair for me all along

You locked me into the dark
I’m your preserved flower
The world is too slow to understand
Not all blossoms spark
And spikes may be sharp
They want to see just the beautiful parts

Sitting in a shower of scarlet rain
It all use to be ours
I’m counting the hours
Hours that stood between us like a river
Once I crawled through the water
All I ever knew have become distant past

Then a beam of golden light enters into my pupil
Is it all unreal?
Tell me that it’s real cause I can’t hold back

The tears spill onto your arms
Turn around, close your eyes, count to ten
You never fail to find me where I was hidden

Now I don’t know what to wish for anymore
Other than I’d like to meet you sooner
We may not be born the same
But I’m happy we could die together

Take my hand
Pull me from the dark
You’re my only treasure
History was too stubborn to let me be
A regular girl in a regular world
Regular thoughts, regular love

You’re on your tippy toes
Kissing what is yours
My everything is yours, yours to claim
Together we’ll be older, older
Our hands will have saggy skin
And our ashes golden
The perfect end for us

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