Autonomy 歌詞

アニメ:PERSONA5 the Animation


作詞: Benjamin Franklin

作曲: 目黒将司


Autonomy 歌詞

Tight – the walls are closin’ in all around me
Like a cruel dream
White and grey and black and auburn
A maze of sharp turns
A wild array

Sky – I see a bit of it looking straight up
Got to rise up
Bright and blue, a square of sunshine
A slice of good life
So far away

Who says that I can’t reach that square of sky
That I can’t rise up

To the sky
Rise up high
Is almost within my reach

Rise up high
Grab my sky
My true integrity
Break the maze of the game we

Play – there’s nothin’ I can do but to play now
Must engage now
Play – and win, the only way out
The plot must play out
Until the end

Games – society’s always changing the rules and
Games – are we not all engaged in
Some play we’re staging
With rivals and friends

Seas – I see them sometimes out in the distance
I been listenin’
Please – can someone out there hear me
My hope to sail free
Beyond the game?

Heart caught in a vise but somehow I broke out
I awoke and found (I can)
Start to finally grasp the pattern
Another sharp turn
Along the way

I know that I can find my way to wind
And open waters

Set my sails
I can’t fail
Is almost within reach now

Brave the seas
Find my peace
I only have to breach
These old walls, break ’em all down

Blows – are rainin’ down on my head like hail now
Got to bail now
Chose to win, my only rule is
My only move is
To stay on top

Veils – that hide the program running the maze break
Under my gaze
Tales grow tall as I go faster
To meet my master
And I will not stop

Does anyone believe I can win?
Beside me,
Who’s really on my side?
Just me myself and I, this team
Grows strong and wild
With time

Rise up high
Feeling wild
Is almost within reach now
Sky and sea
Set me free

I will brave
Any wave
Is almost within reach now
Sky and sea
Set me free
I only have to breach
These old walls, break ’em all down

Love – to live my only goal is to survive
Gotta stay ‘live
What you gonna do to stop me?
No-one can stop me
I’m on a roll

Hide – you better try to stay outa my way
I’m on my way
Flight is near, as I go racing
Cause I be chasing
Autonomy now


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