Time for True Revelation 歌詞

アニメ:Persona4 the ANIMATION


作詞: Lotus Juice

作曲: 目黒将司


Time for True Revelation 歌詞

Rise Up Hands Up
Rise Up Get Down
Hands Up Put'em Up Right Now

I'm never looking down
always looking fresh
what do you want me to do?
yeah hit the bulls eye when I shoot
wait a sec
making the next for waking the dead
I'm painting the set
starring you
ambitious, come on over
ride with me
but haters got them chainsaws in their words
so absurd so I throw that stabbing flow like shuriken, afterworld
they call me airplane
cuz my flow is so fly
and elevating with my people my kind of high

Rise Up Get Down Hands Up Put'em Up Right Now

they say I flow like I am the main event of show
better yet L to the J man who I am epicenter of flow man
I'm always head on tight with beats like with my girlfriend
sometimes it's a headache but making dope bounce-bounce man
stop now take the hate, exchange it like rate
emotions viral, so idle but I know it can grow to irate
“iBreak” just might be the new app in your smartphones
fraudulents my flows just gonna break your lies
don't fake

Rise Up Get Down Hands Up Put'em Up Right Now

can't run away from world of lies
filled with misery
it will catch you
no more making up fake stories
it is time for the true revelation
no you can't just get away
you gotta face it first
then you win over it
everything you do'll come back to you
don't be afraid to stand
stop that lies and rise up now


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