Ain't Nobody Can Hold Me Down 歌詞

アニメ:Persona4 the ANIMATION


作詞: Lotus Juice

作曲: 目黒将司


Ain't Nobody Can Hold Me Down 歌詞

baby oh dear
it's never too clear
but ambiguity is the beauty
of what holds tomorrow
good, bad, so-so
trying to make it so remarkable
each day I say
that I can do anything if someone else can
making it right to
making a left no
making my own road instead oh
let the haters keep their snobs
in the end they'd love kill for ur job
so believe in it
work at it
KNIKEY at it, just do it ahh
what's just for you may not apply to me
so adjust for just fit
and I lust it
no more sick rules which I must spit

I know I can
Yes I can
be whatever I wanna become
there is nothing in this world I can
not do
so I believe
truly believing in my dreams
making them just dreams no more


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