どうにもとまらない〜ノンストップ 歌詞



作詞: 阿久悠

作曲: 都倉俊一

編曲者: 武藤星児

どうにもとまらない〜ノンストップ 歌詞

Don't believe them when they tell you love has got me down.
Do you think that I'm the type that love can push around?
I may bend but I won't break, my passion can't be bound.
I'm gonna conquer love before it conquers me.

Patched my broken heart together, wiped the tears away.
Ready now to brave the world and face a brand new day.
Here am I with head up high, the fire's burning bright,
I'm gonna make a thousand dreams come true tonight.

★Oh, let the thunder crash! Oh, let the storms begin!
I won't stop until it's over “cause I'm goin” out to win.
Oh, watch my spirits soar! Oh, higher than before!
“Mou dou ni mo tomaranai”

Flying on my skateboard, hey, look out, I'm blowing through!
I'm the new sensation, I'm a bolt out of the blue.
Got the tricks to show the chicks, and here's a spin or two.
Cause baby looking good's what I was born to do.

Looking for a love who'll love me just the way I am.
Got the girl, then in a whirl I'm racing off again.
Living for the moment, and the moment has arrived.
And I will show her what it means to be alive.

★★Oh, dream the wildest dream! Oh,aiming for the sky!
I'm a rocket to the moon, I'm gonna live until I die.
Oh, spirit fast and free! Oh, baby, you and me!
“Mou dou ni mo tomaranai”