Reverse the Destiny 歌詞

アニメ:PERSONA-trinity soul-


作詞: Lotus Juice

作曲: 岩崎琢

編曲者: 岩崎琢

Reverse the Destiny 歌詞

(1st Verse:)
won't be having that my way to my light
nothing's gonna stop that
didn't choose my life it chose me
suppose we share that odyssey
I oughta be a honorable man
ready to take my family's pain
making the way and making my way
then give it to my friends and dance in thc rain
used to be sane now I'm not
days they try to get me got me
times I cry in dark man stop me
can't let them come here and drop me
once again in the zone
feel like I'm so cursed to my bones
but I gotta fight set the tone
weak is no option gotta stay strong
tapping my phone they are on the watch
zapping around be aware of catch
body reversed still screaming for recognition right about now
let me go want no more not a hero so stop asking me
just a kid didn't want this but I know this is my destiny

(2nd Verse:)
what do you want?
what do you want?
I wanna battle not that I don't wanna chill
back to the crib
making the soup and cooking the grill cool
but it ain't gonna happen
hell happened to the world it keeps on zapping for
next who shall be smacked and
ripped apart like how they did before
came to the life didn't know shit
looked for the light then I saw a glimpse of da sight
I thought I knew a bit
a bit about life
how its messed up and what is cool
but I grew saw more hate
love is a few so signify

eye to eye recognize got to fight
for any kind of right
nobody cares everybody stares
up the stairs then get your shares
did not want to fight but I want to
learned that I got to know that I have to
what do you want? what do you want?
I wanna throttle life so I won't
make another me hell nah I won't let that be
its destroyed
I enjoy
rebuilding the hope and joy
that's what you gotta do when you got no toys
wait for the date then your license's void

(3rd Verse:)
Nothing's gonna change for me
I stay real got love for my fam and the crew
it's a solid truth
but things change through out the years
especially peers
what appeares the same but the shared feelings disappeared
it's kinda hard to believe how we used to be
used to see us running around and we did make a scene
you were the keen and I was the clown both we made peeps
enjoy the mood, brothers like two partners
watching out for each others
don't do it too stupid don't you think that
I don't know that you are hiding shit from me
appreciate the gesture but you piss me off with dishonesty
I'm like a big bang annihilate your enemies
two pieces making one piece remember that


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