Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream 歌詞



作詞: Lotus Juice

作曲: 岩崎琢


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream 歌詞

death the kid u know how it is hate to dismiss any mistake
if it aint right then u must be kidding
jokes mislead becuz you are now slipping

oblique mind then i give a fix simply blast it
it aint a trick just one click then the second click
rest is oh my goodness ur history
it ain't a mystery to entry just that I'm not so intrigued
don't get it wrong son I'm a sweet treat
bang bang bang bang have a nice dream

if it ain't proper, it's incomplete
making me shiver because you lacking heat
stop taking chances it's real steep
(now)watch when you sleep cuz my glocks creep

not enough for me to satisfy
any mistakes let's clarify
let's post it on the classified
find the bad and boom bye-bye

do it together with my entourage
placing you head in the back of garage
have a litlle sale and sell you cheap
so please get out i'm out of your league(you know)

you still don't understand the range that you stay in
I ain't playin
no more tradin losing it it ain't easy to get back
you know what I'm sayin
hit your case with a big back slap
click the gat and go bla bla bla
everything I touch will go platinum
somehow people around me clappin it yep



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