Death The Kid(so crazy) 歌詞



作詞: Lotus Juice

作曲: 岩崎琢


Death The Kid(so crazy) 歌詞

uh huh yeah
death the kid one time
introducing my crew uh huh

so crazy how we get down
never thought it would be like this
so crazy how we get down
blaze the place time for some action
so crazy how we get down
y'all and me we got it going on
so crazy how we get down
anything you need you got me right here

verse 1
watching you watching you got me wonder why
different types of people met and got along throughout the time
didn't think the future would be like this
street thugging two sisters and death the kid

partners for life
what's holding us tight
respect, trust
nothing that money can buy that's right

got myself a gun or two
doesn't come close to you
should apologize for comparing you two(uh oh)

never let you down bounce bounce to the top
hitting downtown to the spot never stop
I'm the pilot
stays in the cockpit
and fly you high up to the top top the top

watching you back all the times
got it locked down
we are best of best
you know we get down
straighten things up because you know I ain't no clown
time time for some action let's do it now again


verse 2
creating chemistry
making symmetry
somehow we nail down
more i get so so intrigued
world is strange
times its so deranged
like standing on the plat and jumping on the fast train
but we manage our day
to sunshining next day
understanding the pain why we never fade
if stuck in the hole never freagging vacate
running away?
not an option
why we are so so so


only me and my sister on the street
fighting for life grabbing on to heartbeat
then you showed up
original kid
you came around and changed the world oh yeah