Shadow and Truth



作曲: 高橋諒

作詞: Konnie Aoki

編曲者: 高橋諒

Hey! Come on, come on! Watch out! Let's go!

Watch your back, attack is on the way
So feel around with the cards you play.
Lookin' out, suspiscion, for they keep deceivin'
Aim for every minute that you believe is right

Sillhouette, conspiracies indefinite
Never fool, gotta stay cool. Smoke another cigarette
Whatever you believin' now conflicts
Observin' as the middle-man

パズルはtorturing with their 合図 (With your eyes!) 抗えない奪い合い
疑えよ、真相を翻すEvery Moons (Every night, now!)
Standing inside the squall 目の前の全てがSuggestion (Tell me what it says!)
"Anytime, you'll find what you should know!"

Here we go now!

Let's go! Come on, come on! On a journey!
見つけたIllusion 儚いストーリー繋がるSeasonへ
Come on! ねぇ、come on! On a journey!
探してる鍵を (Where's the key?) Just move and you'll find out

Let's go! Come on, come on! On a journey!
ねぇ、知りたいでしょう? 描く場所に辿り着くまで
Come on! ねぇ、come on! On a journey!

Stay cool! It's never really what it seems.
(You gotta use your eyes to perceive the wind)

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